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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Ever stop for a second and reflect....reflect on what your purpose is...or whether your living your best life? Have you ever observed how much we, as Americans, chase the almighty dollar, status, or power? 
Do you work to live or live to work? 
I'm intrigued with the simple life....don't get me wrong I have a few luxuries, but ultimately they don't matter! I'm retraining my mind and my heart! I choose to remember what really matters! I affirm that I will slow down and smell the roses! I will NOT live for the next promotion, next paycheck, or next expenditure! I will live to love, travel, laugh and learn! I will thoroughly immerse myself in art and music! And so it is! 
Thanks for being my witness! 😘

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I woke up this morning to a text message my eldest sent me in the middle of the night…here’s a small excerpt..

”You don’t use the things you’ve gone through to feel sorry for yourself, you use them to grow. That to me is definitely a trait of a strong individual. I don’t know what I would do without you!”

The text was quite lengthy and revealed what a smart and enlightened young lady I have for a daughter.

With so many changes happening in the world, some seem a bit lost, aimlessly searching for meaning and purpose in their life; searching for acceptance and acknowledgement. LOVE is the only way, LOVE transcends all barriers, and LOVE is the answer. Idealistic? Maybe!

True happiness reveals itself through small gestures like the one I received from my daughter this morning. She and I have overcome so much together and my only goal was to be an example of strength, determination, and love, as well as to teach her the skills she needs to be happy in life in whatever she does. It is not about chasing money or objects; nor is it about changing the world with one single act! It’s about community, compassion, empathy, and love! What my daughter doesnt know is that I learned these things from her. She has been my teacher and i don't know what I would do without her.

So much is happening, a shift in the collective consciousness. We can get lost in the fight for change, and although it’s important to stand up and make our voices heard, what's equally important is open ourselves up to the beauty and enormous amount of love that surrounds us!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Had a Beautiful Dream

Today I woke up
Tears, running down my face
Remembered a dream
Of beautiful little children
Happily running in a field
So much joy in their little faces
Why I cried you may ask
It was a happy dream I had
Not really sure myself
My heart feels as if it is broken
I kissed my girls so intensely
Hugged them tightly
And told them I loved them
Gave them a little shake
So they would awake
Wasn’t leaving without hearing them say
I love you too mommy

Friday, October 19, 2012

Democracy: Does it Exist?

Does a true deocracy exist? Socrates stated that he was right to have withdrawn from political life, because a good person who fights for justice in a democracy will be killed. He argues that very few people have the knowledge necessary for improving the young of any species, and that the many will inevitably do a poor job. Oh how I see this everyday! Socrates suggests that the very nature of democracy makes it a corrupt political system. I tend to agree with Socrates, most people are content with the superficial explanation of the human experience and most basic of human questions. Most are detached and lose themselves in a self serving existence, as if nothing else in the world matters. Why be bothered with whats happening to someone on the other side of the world? As long as it doesn't disrupt my cozy life! Socrates would have said that when people are given great power, their shallowness inevitably leads to injustice.
Oh, what a long road is left to travel!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

I Won The Versatile Blogger Award!

I Won The Versatile Blogger Award!

Many Thanks to Raji Lukkoor for nominating my blog for The Versatile Blogger Award!

Basically, the Versatile Blogger Award is a way to introduce bloggers to each other and to promote quality blogs that the awardees and their readers might not have discovered otherwise.

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On to the nominees…I only have two, so now I'm on the search for some meaningful and fun blogs. Any suggestions?

 meet the pavones

Dreaming in the void

Seven Random Things About Me

1. The water of the Mediterranean ocean makes me swell up.
2. I'm an avid traveler.
3. I'm quite idealistic.
3. My ancestors are from the Native Californian Indian, Acjachemen Nation.
4. I graduated from college when I was 38.
5. I love Flamenco.
6. I like to snuggle.
7. I write down my dreams.


Thanks to social media, KONY 2012 went viral and caught the attention of millions of people. Suddenly, more people are interested in humanitarian aid in Africa. This is great, now how do we go about helping.

As leader of the LRA (Lord's Resistance Army), Joseph Kony and his group have attacked and murdered the people of northern Uganda. Many more were riped from their homes and forced to live in camps that didn't provide the basics necessities of life. The most innocent of the LRA attacks were children. They were abducted and forced to be soldiers, cooks, porters, or sex slaves. Many more were made to kill others, even relatives. Some escaped, but most faced this horrific reality.

There were those who tried to protect their children from being abducted, community workers and aid workers also tried to protect them, but this helped few. Finally, in 2006 there was a cease fire between the LRA and the government. The war has stopped and the people of northern Africa have gone back to their villages and are beginning to rebuild their lives. The Ugandan government struggles with state services and still need a great deal of technical and financial help.

The LRA is no longer in northern Uganda, but they have moved to neighboring countries and people in isolated communities are at risk. President Obama approved sending military advisers to work with Ugandan and other armed forces to help bring down the LRA. This has done little to relieve the dreadful fear the people are under, Joseph Kony is still at large.

So, what can we do? Not only for the people of Africa, but for any cause that we are passionate about.

Be an informed activists. Know the facts! The atrocities Kony and the LRA have inflicted is not a new issue. Kony along with his forces have terrorized people for over two decades. Read UN reports, International relief websites like Human Rights Watch. If we better understand the issue we can better respond. We also need to give or raise money. There are a lot of causes out there, choose your cause and dedicate yourself to making a financial contribution. If your unable to provide financial support, then help spread the word about reputable non-governmental agencies who are supporting the cause to help raise money.  If everyone gave just $1, it would make a huge difference. Finally, use your voice!Call or write elected officials, they listen when there are large numbers of people talking about the same issue.

Nobody deserves to live through such horrific events. I wish I could do more, even if just to wrap my arms around each person and tell them everything will be okay. All I can do is give as much as I can, spread the word, and keep informed. I pray that those that face such a terrible and horrific plight find strength and determination to get through it. We truly are one, one united world where no matter how much distance or difference separate us, we stand together, for each other.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Saving Sasha

Pets are a special part of each family, for me, my dog Lulu is like one of my daughters.

This is Sasha, a 6 year old American Pit diagnosed with Lymphoma. She is the sweetest, most gentle dog you will ever meet. My brother and his family were given this devastating news about their princess Sasha about a week ago and they are determined to help Sasha fight this disease, but they can't do it without your help.
Please visit Sasha's page and donate if you can, any amount will help. Also, share Sasha's story on your page, in your blog, or any other social media. Your help and support is greatly appreciated!

                                                       Sasha lounging on the recliner :)

To find out more about pet lymphoma, please visit

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Life Begins at 40

As a child, the world seems endless; the days are long and never seem to go by fast enough. “I can’t wait till I’m an adult” was my mantra as a teenager. Mortality never seemed to be of great importance, for I was invincible. I remember the summer months seemed to last forever, so much time to laugh and play.

Fast forward, I just turned 40 years old. Where did the last 20 years go? Although I don’t feel 40, I do have a sense that time is passing at a much quicker pace. Is it that as an adult we look at the calendar more often than when we were children? Whatever it is, I want time to slow down! I’ve realized that the only way to do that is to slow myself down. By the end of each day, I feel like I’ve run a marathon, exhausted from all the tasks I’ve completed.

Life is not a race; the first one to finish is not the winner. At 40 I realize that it is time for me to savor the moments life offers. I got off to a good start, celebrating my birthday in Big Bear. Taking morning walks, breathing in the fresh crisp air, and admiring the earths beauty. It was a great beginning, since as the say “Life begins at 40.”

Enjoy every moment, hug your children a little longer, give a million kisses, smell the flowers and the earth, read a novel, enjoy a symphony concert, travel the world, volunteer your time to the needy, or take a long drive. Whatever it is you do, do it with passion and gratitude, for happiness is not promised and neither is living a long life.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Making a Connection with Ancient Societies

Archaeologists all over the planet have unearthed magnificent treasures from the ancient world. These findings have given us a look back in time into the lives of societies so different from our own. Today, archaeologists continue to discover the remnants of people from long ago.

At an archaeological site in Central Panama, El Caño , archaeologist have discovered the tombs of ancient warriors. Panama's Nata Chiefs were adorned in gold and laid above a a layer of human skeletons. Tests have determined that the findings are from about A.D. 900, the era of the Great Mayan civilization. In contrast to Egyptian tombs, the tombs in  El Caño are untouched and hold the treasures of ancient times.

Fascinating, is the fact that impurities in the gold found at El Caño indicate that the gold was mined and worked in this region. This is important in eliminating the idea that these treasures were brought from areas further south. Julia Mayo, the archaeologist who went on instinct and made this amazing find, still j\has a lot of work ahead of her and her team. She believes that 20 more tombs may exist in this area, all untouched and never looted. I am looking forward to see what other treasures Mayo finds.

To see photos and read more about El Caño and Julia Mayo's discoveries, follow this link

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Genocide, who decides?

Genocide is a hot topic, one that ignites passionate discussion and disagreement. In of itself, genocide has to be the most horrific act of violence in human existence. Wikipedia defines genocide as “the deliberate and systematic destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic, racial, religious, or national group.” What is of great debate lies in a number, how many deaths constitute genocide, how much of the “part” signifies genocide?

The topic encompasses legalities and definitions that would make it difficult for anyone to declare such acts of violence as “genocide.” It seems to be pretty straight forward to me, any attempt to wipe out, destroy, or kill a group of human beings is genocide. When did it become the sole right of governments and lawmakers to determine if an act of genocide has occurred? I get it, there has to be some oversight, but to what extent do we allow neglect of acknowledgement of genocide? When did politics become more important than allowing a group of people healing and growth from such a catastrophic event? By not allowing acknowledgement we are perpetuating more pain, resentment, and harm onto those who have already been through enough.

I acknowledge the plight of those who have fought for their existence on this planet. I shed tears for my brothers and sisters around the world who have no choice but to face brutality and execution. From my Native American ancestors to my Armenia brothers and sisters, no human being should live in this kind of fear and desperation. The groups of people who have either lived through genocide or ancestors have, deserve our acknowledgement. It might not make some groups that disagree happy, but what is most important is helping in the healing process of our fellow brothers and sisters who have faced an unimaginable plight.

The following list of genocide is from the 20th and 21st century and is in no way a comprehensive list, if I have forgotten any group, my deepest apologies. The intent of the list is to give everyone an idea of how prominent acts of genocide are in an age where the human race has made great advancements.

Herero Genocide
Korea Genocide
Armenian Genocide
Rwandan Genocide
Cambodian Genocide
Genocide in Liberia
Karabakh Genocide
Bosnian Genocide
Genocide in Sudan
Genocide in Darfur
Genocide in Sri Lanka

We have a duty to bring to light what fellow human beings are facing. Check out

Photo from the Genocide Intervention Network.